Joe's Live Rosemont

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Sunday, May 28th at 9:00pm


The year is 2016, and music is at the top of its game. The music industry has had its fair share of performers come and go with hit songs and flops; you're either remembered, or forgotten. Every once in a while, a new talent climbs above the rest, and this proves no different for the World's new legends of rock… Love Addiction. This Chicago up and coming band is ready to take the industry by storm – they just need to get there first. What better way to show the world their talents, than to enter into TV's most popular, musical competition's 25th Anniversary show that is sweeping the nation. This competition gives every talent a chance to win $1 Million, and a 3 year recording contract. Love Addiction is in for a crazy ride through love, emotions, competition, sacrifice, strength, and courage to follow their dream to the top. They need to stick together as a musical family with only one shot – one opportunity to make it happen… to become Legends. 

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