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The Red Bull Proving Grounds

Saturday, October 21st at 11:00 AM


The Red Bull Proving Grounds Finals are back and this time, the Street Fighter V tournament is headed to Chicago!

The Red Bull Proving Grounds Finals is a one-day tournament where 12 regional teams of 3 compete in 3v3 matches until one team is left standing. The winning team will not only receive ultimate bragging rights, they will also win a trip to the Capcom Cup North American Finals at Red Bull Battle Grounds in the process. Pool play to kick off at 11:00AM. The event is FREE and open to all!

Coming to check out the finals? In addition to watching the Red Bull Proving Grounds Finals, we will be hosting a number of activities throughout the day to help strengthen your skills!

Enter the open qualifier for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and win a qualifying spot and trip to Battle of the Stones!

Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2, and Tekken 7 ladders will run from 2:00pm – 8:00pm. Come early and rack up the wins to take home prizes including a trip to Red Bull Proving Grounds in Boston, Hori Fighting Sticks, Gaems Cases, complimentary lunch and dinner, and Red Bull Cocktails.

Come early and bring out your controller to play some casuals in Street Fighter V, Capcom Vs Marvel Infinite, and Tekken 7.

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